Product Description

You know, I have always loved Falafel Sandwiches. So much so that over the years, and after much traveling, I have turned into a connoisseur of this delectable treat. Where ever I go, I always look for Falafel to try, wether here in the big cities of the US, or overseas in the Middle East.

As much as I love Falafel, I have never liked the fact that it must be deep fried in order to be enjoyed. I’m of the mind that all of these highly processed vegetable oils are not healthy. I try to stay away from fried foods and I know that many others do the same. This is where the idea of making a Falafel spread came from. Why not make something that tastes good, also be good for you?

After many trials over the course of a full year, using ingredients such as garbanzo beans, vegetables, herbs and spices, I have created something that I absolutely love; A healthy Falafel Spread!
When I spread some of this delightful, delectable and delicious spread on a wrap, then top it with lettuce and diced tomatoes, it takes me back to my youth in the old streets of East Jerusalem with its street side Falafel vendors.

I am so excited to bring that mouth watering experience to you. Enjoy my new Falafel spread as an appetizer on Pita chips with a piece of fresh tomato on top!