Product Description

The final course is desert of course. This is the first and only chocolate made from Garbanzo beans. This enticing dip came about because a friend of mine dared me to make a chocolate hummus! It was a challenge I couldn’t resist and though it took some time to perfect, I couldn’t be happier because my customers love it. So, why Chocolate? It’s simple, because its healthier this way. Instead of the ton of sugar and fat of all that dairy, you’re getting fiber and protein from the garbanzo beans while simultaneously satisfying your cravings and sweet tooth. As with all our products, it is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and the best of all, cholesterol free. As to the name “H’Mousse” well, its not really a hummus, nor is it a mousse but, it is a bit of both, so its a H’Mousse!