After having designed 8 different flavors of hummus, I realized that these flavors correspond to different countries or regions. I will explain each flavor with future blogs. This time I want to introduce my Italian flavor. This is so much fun. In my tastings, I have been asking my customers if they want me to take them on a tour of flavors.

Basil is the third flavor that hit the market, and boy, did it hit the market! My customers at the Cafe MAC were crazy for it! Since it isn’t a pesto, but has fresh basil in it, its perfect for a home made Margareta Pizza. Oh and when I say fresh, I really mean fresh. Take a bite with a spoon and you wont believe how amazing this herb tastes. It’ll surprise you with its audacious flavor and flexible use in all manner of cuisine.

This flavor works well as a condiment for turkey sandwiches or as a base for a Margareta pizza. I personally love to spread a few ounces on a plate and smother it with extra virgin olive oil and dip toasted pita bread and eat. I do this when I feel like splurging every once in a while.

Another aspect to this originally Lebanese food in terms of being associated with Italy is historically obvious. There is a three thousand year history between these two civilizations. Initially, the Phoenicians (ancient Lebanese) dominated the Mediterranean sea with their commercial fleet of ships about three thousand years ago until about 300 BC, trading with what is now Italy. Then later, from about the first century BC until the fourth century AD, the Romans (Italians), conquered the Levant and ruled over the land of the Phoenicians. So, there is quite a bit of cultural exchange throughout history. This is just for fun. I am not claiming any origins of Hummus here.

If you would like to try this amazing flavor, find a store near you which stock’s Victor Foods products. Hit the location Tab to locate a store. I need to add a bunch more stores to this map.