Be Happy

Who We Are

While I was in Montana last fall, on a promotional tour, I realized that I was in the business of selling happiness. I would be doing a tasting of all the amazing flavors and someone comes over to my table for a taste. As soon as they savor the first flavor, their eyes light up and they smile. Then after the full effect of the flavor, I can see the excitement and the exuberance, the happiness.

I remembered a podcast that I was listening to while I was driving to Montana about the science of happiness. One thing struck me about the science is that it is much easier to experience happiness through the body, not the mind. In other words, through the senses. In this case through the sense of taste. My happy customers get there in the moment, which is all that matters. This was an epiphany for me.

I would like the hummus conversation to be about happiness and how we can get there more and more often. So, I decided that hummus is only a tool to get there. You will notice that in this upgraded website, happiness is the theme. You can get “Happiness in a Tub,” you can “Spread the Happiness,” or you can “Be Happy”.

In the next few months, I will be developing a video blog called “Happy Talk with Victor,” in which I will be introducing many subjects relating to happiness that I am passionate about. And certainly I will be sharing ideas on fun ways to serve the different hummus flavors. Enjoy and Be Happy.

Last recession took it’s toll and much of the catering business was gone due to budgets being cut, I decided to listen to my customers who have always wanted me to package my hummus.  I figured that it would be a good way to keep my employees instead of doing layoffs.

I started with two flavors of hummus in three stores.  Thank you so much Rosauers, Huckleberry’s and Main Market Co-op for saying yes and supporting Victor Foods.  We were producing and distributing the hummus out of our kitchen after the licensing and blessing of the FDA as well as the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Over the next three years, we were approached by more and more stores and the business grew dramatically.  In 2013, we started talking and negotiating with a very fine local company to create a joint venture for the production and distribution of Victor Foods.  Spokane Produce was a perfect match because of their passion for creating good, healthy and fresh foods for the northwest market.

We proceeded to scale up & test my recipes on the Spokane produce equipment.  We finally worked out all the details and started production at the end of 2013.  Now Spokane Produce is distributing Victor Foods throughout the whole northwest.  We are researching more products to bring out to market.  The hummus flavors were the first set of products.  As of October of 2014, we are announcing the second product category which is “The Healthy Falafel”.  this is a revolutionary product because for the first time, the amazing taste of gourmet Falafel is available and ready to eat as a spread or dip.  No need for deep frying.  We are very excited about “The Healthy Falafel”.  We are hoping to bring it to market soon.

Spreading happiness through the sense taste.

To provide the best, tastiest, and nutritious Mediterranean Foods, including Hummus, Falafel, Jadra, and more, to the Western United States.