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Victor Foods is the producer of the award winning Victor’s Hummus, Victor’s Jadra, and Falafel. There are 6 amazing Hummus flavors, a Falafel spread, a Chocolate H’Mousse and a lentil & rice pilaf called Jadra.  Our hummus flavors, on average, are about 1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fat of most national hummus brands.  We also have the creamiest, smoothest hummus texture of any hummus.

We cook the garbanzo beans for at least 3.5 hours to insure that our hummus is almost free of lectins.  We use organic beans and our products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, & GMO free.  Overall, we have some of the best Mediterranean foods through out our product lines.

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious and Flavorful Mediterranean Foods

1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fat of most brands!

Great news, Victor Foods Hummus is the lowest calorie hummus in the market by far. Spokane Produce did a nutritional study and found that most of our flavors are at 40 calories per serving (2 table spoons) as compared to 60 to 100 calories for some national brands.  Victor’s Hummus is also 1/3 of the fat content of most brands.  This is a huge difference.

 The only products we have with 50 calories per TBLS are the Chocolate H’Mousse and the Toasted Sesame. We are also finding that we are also lower in Sodium.  The reason our products are low calorie is because we do not include fillers in our recipes.

Most Hummus manufacturers include soy, canola and or regular highly processed olive oil as fillers.  These oils are cheap and help them bulk up their products to make more profits.  These oils are not needed in hummus.  They are only fillers for profit.

I usually don’t count calories, but I still care where these calories come from.  We use a trace amount of extra virgin olive oil that you can see toward the bottom of the ingredient list for our own processing reasons.  Please read the labels before you buy.

Delivered Fresh

Victor Foods entered into a joint venture with Spokane produce on November 15, 2013. According to the agreement, Spokane Produce manufactures and distributes Victor’s Hummus flavors and distributes in the four state area of the Inland Northwest. We have been working on this project for a year to scale up production, and we are continually improving the formula.

Spokane Produce is a very state of the art food manufacturer certified and inspected by all regulatory agencies.  We are currently distributing to some grocery chains like Rosauers, Super 1 & Trading Company Stores and many independent stores.  We are also distributing to all of The commissaries of the military bases in the Northwest.  We are working on taking our products to more grocery chains and independent stores.  Please stay tuned or like our Facebook page to be informed of these openings.

Best Foods for 6 Years

Thank you INLAND NORTHWEST for Voting for us in the “Spokane Coeur D’Alene Living Magazine” annual survey and making us the BEST LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD PRODUCT Since 2012. This is the category for all foods produced in the Inland Northwest, not just for hummus.

Introducing Jadra

Made of lentils, rice, onion, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and spices, Jadra is a gluten free, vegan, full protein dish. Traditionally it is a stand alone Mediterranean comfort food that is delicious by it self as well as very nutritious. Served warm, you may prefer to combine it with other foods. In the picture above, it is served warm on top of a greek salad and garnished with tomatoes and toasted almonds. There are more serving suggestions in the Jadra page. Currently it is sold by the pound in the deli departments of participating stores.

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